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Metal Powder Distributor
UK and Europe

Copper, Brass, Bronze, & Tin Powders

Metal Powder Distributor - UK and Europe

CP International Chemicals represent Royal Metal Powders in Europe to help promote and sell their range of metal powders to a wide range of industries. Based in Tennessee USA Royal Metal Powders have extensive knowledge and experience producing high quality metal powder products to exacting standards.

Industries include MIM, PIM, Automotive, Friction, PTFE, Electronics, Infiltrants, Filters, Carbon Brushes, Bearings,

Some of the metal powders we offer are:-

  • Copper Powder -  for metal injection mouldings & metal powder blending
  • Bronze Powder - for PTFE, infiltrant and bearings
  • Brass Powder
  • Tin Powder
  • Nickel Powders and Silver Powder
  • Electrolytic Copper Powder - for friction applications

Metal powders are being increasing used in a wide range of industries and applications. If you are looking for a specialised metal powder for a standard application or something unique, we can can supply a metal powder to meet the specification or application required. As Royal Metal Powders European distributor for Brass, Tin, Copper, Silver and Nickel powders we have the expertise, technical knowledge, manufacturer back-up and high quality metal powder products to deliver exactly what you require.

We are leading suppliers of Copper chemicals including Cuprous Oxide powders (red copper oxide powder) and Cupric Oxide powders (black copper crystal powder).

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