Cuprous Oxide Powder

Copper (I) Oxide
Copper Oxide Supplier

CP International Chemicals are the EU distributor for the worlds largest and most versatile producers of cuprous oxide powders available.

We have over 34 years experience in supplying cuprous oxide powder products to the UK, European and global markets from our UK office. Our production partners allow us to provide cuprous oxide with unique properties to meet your individual needs if you are looking for specialist applications or powder makeup we are able to offer a bespoke service to ensure you get the product you are looking for.

Cuprous Oxide Powder applications:

Is your business is looking for a trusted supplier of cuprous oxide powder for yacht/boat antifouling paints, marine protection coatings, brazing and welding pastes catalysts and more? If so contact CP International Chemicals, the EU distributor for the largest producers of cuprous oxide powders for marine/yacht antifouling coatings/paints. We distribute copper chemical powders for Royal Metal Powders Inc. and American Chemet Corporation.

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