Cupric Oxide Powder

Copper (II) Oxide CuO Supplier

CP International Chemicals supply a range of Cupric Oxide powders to Europe and UK customers for use in a range of specialised applications.

We are the leading European distributor of Cupric Oxide Powder manufactured by American Chemet Corporation. Our technical team have many years experience in metal powder supplies to customers all over Europe. Our Cupric Oxide powders meet all EU regulatory requirements and and quality expectations. Cupric oxide (copper (II) oxide CuO is supplied as a black crystal copper powder and used in various specialised applications and industries:

Cupric oxide applications:

Cupric Oxide (CuO) copper metal powder and can be supplied and formulated to suit individual requirements, applications or specifications. If you have a requirement for one of the above listed applications or a unique use, contact our the CP International Chemical team who will be able to supply, advise or provide technical guidance.

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