Glass & Ceramic Pigments

Cuprous Oxide - Glass and Ceramic Pigments

Cuprous Oxide powder is a well known pigment used in the glass colouring and glazing industry. Metal Oxide powders are used to add pigments / colours to glass and ceramics. Cuprous Oxide (Cu2O) can be added as a pigment to produce turquoise colours in small percentages, or reddish ceramic glazes on cermaics or red glasses. Pure metallic copper powders produce very dark red / opaque glass colours.

If you require a supply of Copper (I) Oxide for pigments in the maufacture of cermaic glazing products or for the glass blowing industry, contact CP Chemicals International Ltd, the UK and Europe's leading supplier of Cuprous Oxide and Metal powders. Our experts will be able to advise and supply a product to meet your exact requirements.