Antifouling Paint

Paint Grade Copper I Oxide Powders for yacht / boat anti-fouling coatings

Cuprous Oxide Powder for Anti-fouling Paint

Cuprous oxide powder is the main active ingredient in Yacht and Marine antifoulings and copper itself has been used for hundreds of years to protect boats and marine vessels from fouling. Although biocide free systems are available around 90% of the worlds ships and yachts are protected by cuprous oxide based products.

Copper has been used for centuries for preventing growth of marine plants and animals on the hulls of yachts, boats, ships and other marine vessels. Copper is a naturally occurring substance and in concentration has excellent biocide properties protecting marine yachts from barnacles, molluscs, weeds and other marine fouling species.  Whether vessels are container ships, tankers, racing yachts, pleasure boats or sports boats, anti-fouling treatment is essential to protect surfaces in contact with the water. Fouling can cause premature corrosion and reduce speed efficiencies.

Cuprous Oxide Powder for antifouling paint is supplied by CP Chemicals International to marine paint manufacturers throughout the UK and Europe. Our technical team can provide advice on our Cuprous Oxide powder make-up and if required specialist formulations can be developed for unique applications.

Cuprous Oxide Powder in antifouling paints help to:

  • Prevent underwater fouling on boat and yacht hulls
  • Ensure that barnacles, molluscs, weeds and other organisms are prevented from growing
  • Increase the life, durability and performance of yachts, ships and boats
  • LoLo Tint™ produces brighter anti-fouling paints

Sometimes refered to as red copper oxide powder, Cuprous Oxide is a highly crucial ingredient in marine application antifouling paints. Antifouling paint grade cuprous oxide powder is manufactured by American Chemet Corporation and CP Chemicals act as the European distributor.

LoLo Tint is a trademark of American Chemet Corporation and distributed by CP International Chemicals in Europe.