Improved labelling from American Chemet

American Chemet’s continuous improvement program has brought about a change in their labelling process on all of their “big bag” packaging. From September 2016, product details will no longer be applied using a stencil but will move to a label system.

Previously, product information has been applied to two sides of each big bag using ink & stencils. This procedure can sometimes result in smearing of the detail, making it difficult to read. In addition, if an error is made during the stencilling process, it is not easy to correct.

Now all the important information such as Product Name, Lot Number and Product Code is printed on a label which is securely held within a protective plastic pocket, fixed firmly to each side of the bag.

Chemet has taken these steps to ensure that information is always clear and easy to read but also to give a better work environment for their employees with the introduction of a cleaner, more operator friendly process. Being a responsible employer is one of Chemet’s key values. 

For further information, please contact CP International Chemicals or American Chemet directly.

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